Brantford KIA: Our Story

Brantford Kia is owned by the ShootsnHart Automotive Group.  The owners of the group are Dave Shoots and Patrick Hart.

Patrick Hart is the operating partner and Dealer Principal of Brantford Kia.  Patrick started his automotive career in Oakville, then Hamilton and now he's back in his home town of Brantford.

What makes Brantford Kia different?  Did you know our sales team is not on commission?  We made the decision that a salaried sales team who's bonus is based on customer satisfaction would give us more satisfied customers and ultimately help us grow the company.  When working with a sales consultant that is on salary, they focus on finding what's the right vehicle for your needs and budget, not the car that pays the best commission.

We are obsessed with the Customer Experience.  Every team meeting starts with the question, "What can we do to enhance our customers visit with us".  We review all customer feedback every week and continually work to keep up with our customers needs.

If you haven't done business with us at Brantford Kia, why not give us a try?